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Music Promotion to 1100 EDM, Electronic, Electro, House, Dance music blogs feeding into the Hype machine


– 1500 Blogs Mailout
– Delivery time two weeks

Product Description

Press Release & Promotion Service

We will send your music
 to up to 1500 worldwide music blogs & tastemakers, reviewing EDM, Electronic music, including all of these blogs feeding into the hype machine

Hypemachine is a blog aggregator closely followed by influential music executives , producer & radios, the place to be to go viral. Countless worldwide hits came out from Hypemachine charts!

Say goodbye to generic promo campaigns which spam non-relevant blogs focused on other genres, your music will be matched to appropriate writers and publications. This is the definitive quality promotional mailout! Sent to a this year updated list of the top music blogs.

Campaign will be sent out through a professional promo system, with send report, where you can see the number of contact reached. Unlike mail blast sent by email (1% opening rate), our submissions are never tagged as spam. Opening rate is about 30%, the more you send the better is.

Tracks promoted by us have been featured and reviewed (check our main page), we had top 10 on Hypemachine charts!


– 1500 Blogs Mailout
– Delivery time two weeks

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