Getting into Beatport Charts for Spotify Success!

Hello people, today we would like to introduce you a very interesting aspect of Beatport Charting. As you may know being featured into Beatport Charts gives you a huge exposure in the Electronic Music World , increasing also chances to get gigs , get compilation deals and more. We will cover this aspect into a separated post.

Today we want to focus on Spotify. Beatport success and Spotify success are LINKED. 
If it’s not enough seeing evidences by yourself, by checking Spotify streams of Beatport top 10 tracks, we can also report you our own experience with some of the tracks we promoted. Well, in a few cases, we noticed an explosion of plays
after one of the tracks we promoted charted into Beatport top 10 of a genre.

This is because Spotify editors looks closely to Beatport Top 10 charts , but also spotify algorithms play a great role. A top 10 generates traffic to Spotify, and the more algorithm sees plays for a track above the average, the more it will push the track in their spotify computer generated playlists (Discover Weekly, New Music Friday, etc etc).