BEATPORT ORDERS rules, please read.

Before ordering Beatport promotions, make sure that
1) Nobody is beatport promoting or auto buying your song. We do not take responsibilty for unsafe promo by others that puts you at RISK of BAN.
2) Your track is NOT already charted. Contact us if your track is already in chart.
3) Your network of friends/djs is not buying the track on your behalf.

Beatport easily detects such pumping strategies and remove downloas, regardless of how you make the promo.

If you do not follow our guidelines, we will not accept your orders.

If you don-t respect these rules, this could happen:
1) Your track will be banned and kicked out of the chart
2) Your track will not chart
3) Your track will drop big time in the chart
4) Your track will not move and stay flat (lucky case)
In such cases our promotion will be useless and you will simply waste your money.

Order delivery max time is 10 working days. It usually takes less, but please be patient and wait your turn.