How Beatport Top 100 Charts Work

The Beatport Top 100 charts are determined by the sales of songs within the past 7 days. These charts are updated daily at around 3 am Denver time. During the first 5 days of a release, pre-release sales are evenly distributed.

There are three types of charts: the Top 100 chart, the Top 100 Releases chart, and the Top 100 Hype Chart. The Release chart tends to fluctuate more due to fewer purchases of complete releases. With lower volume, it takes fewer sales to move up the chart. A sale is only counted towards a release if the entire release is purchased, not if individual tracks from the release are bought separately. However, purchasing a release does contribute to the sales of all individual tracks included in that release.

Beatport provides genre-specific charts for the top 100 tracks, as well as an overall chart that combines the best-selling tracks from all genres. Additionally, Beatport features a HYPE chart for emerging labels that are part of the HYPE program. This offers smaller labels a platform to gain recognition. To learn more about joining Beatport HYPE, simply contact us. The Top 100 Hype Chart requires a moderate number of downloads, while most top 100 Genre charts require a significant number of downloads. To enter the main Top 100, you need to have at least 300 downloads per week.