How Beatport Top 100 Work

The Beatport Top 100 charts are calculated based on song sales over the last 7 days. The charts are updated once a day at around 3am Denver time. All advance sales are distributed equally for the first 5 days of a release’s release and availability.

There are both track and release lists. The release lists fluctuate much more because there are far fewer purchases of full releases. As the volume is lower, the amount of buying needed to move up the lists is much less. A sale only counts as a purchase of a release if the release itself is purchased, not if all the tracks of a release are purchased separately. However, conversely, a purchase of a release does count towards sales of all the individual tracks on that release.

On Beatport, there are lists of the top 100 tracks in each genre and an overall chart combining the best-selling tracks across all genres. Beatport’s top genres also have a HYPE chart, reserved for emerging labels that are part of the HYPE programme. This gives smaller labels a platform to get noticed. You can find out more about joining Beatport HYPE by simply contacting us.

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