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Beatport Promotion TOP 100 chart in TECHNO ( PEAK TIME / DRIVING ) / HOUSE


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We all know it, all the best djs are discovered on Beatport. If you want fame you have to invest on it!
Beatport is not only a way to be discovered, but it’s also a chance to be noticed by event promoters and get live shows requests.

All top djs use promotion services to help their songs get into the top 100. If you want to be like them, you must use same strategies.

With this service, we will help your track to get into Beatport top 100 chart by promoting it and increasing initial sales. We will chart you in a position higher than n.100. We will send your song to a huge list of genre-targeted djs (up to 85.000) and you will therefore get that mininum number of sales needed to chart (you need just 70 downloads to chart in most Beatport charts). Purchases are real, from real people! No risk of beeing banned with other dangerous methods (bots, fake accounts) like other sellers do.


We have already helped many clients – including top djs & top labels.

It’s not possible to say which position your track will reach once in the top 100. Maybe top 50 or even top 10, it all depends on how “strong” is the track – Our service is not meant to fake the charts but rather give a little help. Without a proper promotion plan (that includes radio, press & dj promotion) it’s very hard to achieve a top 10, so we always suggest to buy other promotional plans too.

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