100 Spotify Playlist Tastemakers Mailout & Promotion with Guaranteed 2 Playlist Placements




Spotify Playlisters and Playlist Curator Press & Mailout Service!

We will send your song to 100 Spotify Playlist curators. This list includes both OFFICIAL SPOTIFY CURATED PLAYLIST curators (example Discover Weekly, Chill, Pop, etc), playlists with up to millions followers each and lots of small spotify INDIE playlists curators independent from spotify staff ( 1000 to 100000 followers)

The track will be sent to these influential people. They will then decide at their own discretion if they want to include your track in their playlists or not.┬áThere are of course more chances to be picked up by independent playlisters, but it’s anyway a GREAT way to get noticed by bigger playlists curators. If you do not show in any of the spotify playlists, there s a very low chance you ll get featured in the bigger spotify staff curated playlists.

We will guarantee you at least one playlist placement! One is the bare minimum, but if your track is good and liked by editors you can easily get more!


100 Spotify Playlist Curators Mailout
Guaranteed Placement
2 weeks Delivery time

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