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Traxsource Promotion Service: TOP 50 genres chart, except all HOUSE , TEchno, tech, nudisco genres


179.00 149.00



With this service, we will help your track to get into Traxsource top of its genre chart (every genre except Tech House and House, see dedicate product for that ).

Thanks to our mail based promotion service we will drive enough sales to chart at least n.50 in your desidered Traxsource genre chart. We will send your song to a huge list of genre-targeted djs (up to 85.000) and you will therefore get that mininum number of sales needed to chart. Charting guaranteed! Purchases are real, from real people, no risk of beeing banned

For most popular genres (house and tech house) the track will chart in the low end of the top 100. For less popular genres (indie dance, chill, progressive, electro) the track will most likely chart in the top 50 of its relevant genre. This service won’t chart the track in the general top 100

We have already helped many clients – including top djs & top labels.

It’s not possible to say which position your track will reach once in the top 100. Maybe top 50 or even top 10, it all depends on how “strong” is the track – Our service is not meant to fake the charts but rather give a little help. Without a proper promotion plan (that includes radio, press & dj promotion) it’s very hard to achieve a top 10, so we always suggest to buy other promotional plans too.

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